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    “Buying directly from the source . . . gives the buyer the opportunity to make sure first-hand that the animals are well-treated, allowed to pasture and live a natural, cage-free, cruelty-free life.  Happier animals produce better meat.”  –Chef Dan Wu


Direct to Consumers Sales at the Farm

$400 Whole Lamb

• You can purchase a Four Hills Farm lamb that is USDA inspected and processed

• The lamb will average 110 lbs. live weight and 55 lbs. carcass weight

• You will receive approximately 50 lbs. of processed meat that is vacuum packed and frozen

• Standard cuts include: 2 leg roasts, 2 racks of lamb, 5 packs of loin chops, 2 lamb shanks, 2 boneless shoulder rolls (or 9 packs of blade chops) your choice, 8 packs of ground lamb, 1 pack of liver, kidneys and heart

• We can have the meat cut-up to your specifications if requested

• Example: One lamb costs $400; you receive approximatley 50 lbs. of meat for your freezer = $8.00 per lb.

• A deposit of $100 is required when you place the order

• It will take one to two weeks for your lamb order to be ready

• We will call you when the lamb order is ready to be picked up at our farm in Salvisa, KY

• Let us know if you have questions.

* We also sell frozen lamb by the retail cut at the farm. Call us to arrange a time when you can come out to the farm and purchase some lamb.


This article in The Chevy Chaser by chef Dan Wu documents How and Why to Buy a Whole Lamb.  It was great to have Dan visit the farm and cook with our lamb.


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