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Market Lamb Purchase Information 9/3/2015



Four Hills Farm is purchasing hair sheep lambs weighing 100 – 125 pounds from a growing network of  sheep producers.  All farm flocks must be inspected in advance of any sales.  Producers must agree to farm inspections by Four Hills Farm and or its wholesale customers as requested.  All feed, minerals and production methods used must meet the requested quality standards. 

Quality assurance:

The producer guarantees the lambs to be healthy and of good quality. 

 All of the lambs purchased must meet the following criteria:

ü  100% hair sheep, Katahdin or Katahdin/Dorper cross lambs

ü  Weigh between 105 – 125 lbs, with a target weight of 110 lbs

ü  Have good carcass yield characteristics

ü  Born on the producers farm from a flock inspected by Four Hills Farm

ü  Weaned no earlier than 3 months

ü  Vaccinated with CD&T at least twice

ü  Raised on pasture 2/3 of life.  Feeding supplemental grain while on pasture is an acceptable practice

ü  Never received antibiotics, ionophores, added growth hormones or sulfa drugs

ü  Never consumed any mammalian or avian by-product feed

ü  Have a USDA Scrapie Tag in their ear from the farm of origin

ü  Be free of contagious diseases: scours, foot rot, sore mouth, etc.

ü  Ewe lambs are not pregnant

ü  Tail docking of hair sheep is discouraged

We provide our farmer cooperators with a profitable price and a volume year round market.

Markets lambs can be delivered to Four Hills Farm in Salvisa, KY or arrangements can be made for on farm pick-up.  Payment is made based on hot carcass weight, paid within three days of receiving the slaughter weights from processing.  A good quality lamb from these breeds, in proper condition, will yield 50% or better.    Lambs from our farm flock average a 52% yield.

For further information contact:

Jim Mansfield

Four Hills Farm  

2471 Kirkwood Rd

Salvisa, KY 40372




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