Four Hills Farm

Plates from the Goodwill

A sidetrip from the KHSI Expo in Cookeville, TN to the Goodwill.  It is a large Goodwill store next to an Office Depot and a Tractor Supply.  As The Farmer said, what other store do we need?  None really as I am a writer and he is a farmer.  I went to the store to browse.  It is large, which was a  happy discovery.  But then I had some disappointments.  The clothing is priced at $4.59 a piece, which is nearly double what the Goodwills in central KY charge.  The half price stock had been removed from the hanging shelves and put on round displays for easy finding.  A bonus.  But it had been picked over or was there because of datedness or peculiarity outside the realm of cool find.  I did buy a black linen skirt for $4.59 and four plates at 99 cents a pop.  Overall, the merchandise was bland and normal and the price higher than what I expected.

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