Network Farmers

For Sheep Producers Who Want To Join Our Network

  • We purchase slaughter weight lambs weighing between 100 and 130 lbs live weight with good carcass yield characteristics
  • Lambs raised on pasture (no feedlots)
  • Lambs never given antibiotics, ionophores, added growth hormones or sulfa drugs
  • GAP 4 certification and farm inspection 

Those are the basic requirements for raising sheep with Four Hills Farm.  

We provide farmers with a profitable, stable price and a volume year round market.  We provide a written purchase agreement stating the agreed upon price, lamb numbers, and approximate delivery dates.

If this is how you raise lamb and would like more information about becoming a FHF lamb supplier, please contact Jim at

GAP certification makes your farm stand-out as a well-run farming operation that meets high standards for animal care and quality products.  It qualifies your lamb for sales into high-quality, health-conscious markets that pay a premium for your commitment.

Four Hills Farm has been GAP 4 Animal Welfare Certified since March 2017.

G.A.P.’s Animal Welfare food labeling program guarantees that certified animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products.  Level 4 indicates that the sheep are pasture-raised. Each farm in the FHF network is audited annually. FHF helps farmers through the audit and record-keeping of this Value-Added process.