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August 2022

SCORE–Lexington, KY chose Four Hills Farm to represent KY the summer 2022 in its presentation to Congress.  here’s what they wrote: Four Hills Farm, located in Versailles, Kentucky, is a thriving business, raising sheep and marketing fresh lamb year-round that is sold in Whole Foods stores and restaurants throughout Kentucky and Ohio.

“We started in 2009 selling lamb in about two stores. Now we sell in 14 stores, but we’re still learning and our journey to entrepreneurialism hasn’t stopped,” says president and founder Jim Mansfield. Together with Vice President Lynn Pruett and a few staff, Jim raises sheep and markets approximately 2,000 American Katahdin lambs. The lambs are raised on pasture with some supplemental feed. The end result is excellent, gourmet-quality meat.

About 10 years ago, Four Hills Farm contacted SCORE when they found themselves struggling with business growth. “When you’re farming, which is a 24-7 job, there’s a lot to keep track of and we needed someone to help us with the numbers,” Jim explains. Since then, they have met with their SCORE mentor,

Kurt Hulliger, consistently almost every two weeks. Kurt has helped them talk through every business question imaginable. Lynn says, “Kurt’s been invaluable. He’s helped us avoid major mistakes and taught us to keep excellent records to focus on the bottom line. He keeps us accountable with ‘homework’ that we may have overlooked at first but always helps our business grow.” Jim agrees: “You can tell Kurt’s business experience is extensive and it’s reassuring to hear him stay optimistic about our business trials and tribulations. He’s really helped us build a spirit for success.” As a result of their long-term mentoring relationship, Jim, Lynn and Kurt have become good friends. “We share an appreciation for good food. Kurt is a talented gardener and gives us wonderful produce, in turn we give him excellent lamb,” Jim notes.

Jim and Lynn continue to be amazed that Kurt offers his expertise for free, but are thankful nonetheless. They encourage any local entrepreneur in Kentucky to contact SCORE. Jim says, “Things you don’t plan for are bound to happen. To stay resilient, you’ll want to keep a positive attitude and find the best people to work with. SCORE mentors can help with that.”

Atlanta Whole Foods Opening: April 5, 2019

ATLANTA, GA (Feb. 28, 2019) – Whole Foods Market will celebrate its 500th location with the opening of its new flagship 70,000 square-foot, multi-level Midtown Atlanta store, located at 22 14th Street NW, at 7 a.m. on Friday, April 5.Feb 28, 2019

May 21

On May 21, students from Missouri State, Northwest Missouri State, and the University of Central Missouri visited our farm as part of their sustainable agriculture class tour.  Dr. Beth Walker, an intrepid animal scientist and owner of Ozarks Foods and Walker Family Farms, lead the class. 

After that, Jim Mansfield & Lynn Pruett gave brief lectures on the history of our farm business, marketing lamb, and raising sheep.

The students had great questions and, though few said they’d considered raising sheep at the beginning of the tour, some said they’d think about it in the future.


May 16 & 17

Jim will man the ticket booth at the KY Sheep and Wool Fiber Festival May 16 & 17, Masterson Station, Lexington.

November & December

November 2014. We are Beetcoin Entrepeneurs.  Please click the Beet and vote for Four Hills Farm.  

September 27, 2014, at 7:30, Tim interviews Jim at the Farm Tour, sponsored by UK Ag Extension at Clark Family Farms.

October 19, 2013

Tune in to Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen at 7:30 on WKYT CW to find out how to cook Four Hills Farm lamb.  The merguez sausage meatballs on a bun he prepared for the members of the KY Sheep and Goat Producers Annual Conference this month were mouth-watering.

Chef Dan Wu Buys a Whole Lamb at Four Hills Farm

August 31, 2013

Check out the article, “There’s No Business Like Sheep Business,” by Carol Lea Spence, in The mAGazine, the publication of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.  Four Hills Farm is one of the Kentucky sheep farms profiled in the summer issue.

August 3, Cincinnati, OH

From Danielle Reynolds at Whole Foods Cincinnati, one of our best customers: “We had a lot of fun this past weekend.  Our first event was Saturday evening at the Peterloon Estate.  If you haven’t been there, you should definitely check it out.  The history of the Estate is amazing!  Saturday evening we were part of a large community dinner for over 200 guests.  All dishes served at the event featured local ingredients.  We were very fortunate to work with two of our local vendors; Carriage House Farms and Four Hills Farm.  Our dish was Lamb Ragout over Rosemary Scented Polenta.  The Cincinnati store also hosted a 5% day to bring Roger Swain in, former host of  Victory Garden on PBS.  He was the main guest speaker for the event.”

May 18-19, Lexington, KY

We were proud to sponsor the Lamb Cook-Off Contest at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival which featured student chefs from Sullivan University.  Sullivan does a great job training new chefs to appreciate local foods.